Problem ; a key or a hassle?

What you consider a problem is about?  A hassle to achieve your aim or a key defined as Experience to meet your target! Think reverse all the motivational personalities you heard about came from the same loop you trapped into.


Road to Success (Image Source:

Road to Success (Image Source:


What do you think of this picture? I think the right one is your condition right now. But what are these loops, problems? Oh yes ! Let’s examine your life compared to the motivational personality you are following, The result will be they straight their line by finding solutions to the problem. What they get is actually what they need to sustain towards the goal.


Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates (Image source:


The thing what matters is how far you see? All tech giants came from the same process and the method always work out to reach such destination. Just think beyond fight with that problem and just follow the step while when you’re on think mode. PLAN – DO – REVIEW maybe you can find a big idea to inbuilt the new cores for the world by getting your line straight!